The first project I had done on the house was the upstairs bathroom. Since this house only has one bathroom, this was a project that began and the necessities were finished before I moved in. I had a contractor come in and tile the shower and floor, change out all of the fixtures, and reset the toilet.  The best part of this process was seeing the potential for this room that was previously an eyesore, to put it gently.

Since I moved in work has stagnated on the bathroom. I did successfully refinish the existing vanity into a dark coffee brown. And rewired the electrical in the wall, but largely this project has been a lot of me not doing much. Mostly I attribute this to my changing view as to what I want for this room. My final vision for the room still doesn’t match the current state, but the room is far enough along and has taken enough time that it deserves its own entry here.

Lets start with the before: Think pastel seashells, in Baltimore.


Some of the highlights include:

  • Shower for people under 5ft tall.
  • Tools stored in the vanity
  • Wobbly toilet
  • Plastic window curtains
  • Matching Seashell soap dishes

As I mentioned before we basically gutted the entire thing. We retained only the tub, sink and base cabinet, and the toilet. Everything else hit the curb.

One problem we ran into, that gave me my first electrical experience, was the vanity was hardwired into the wall with its own built in light switch. Removing this left live wires protruding from the wall where the mirror should go (Read: not very safe). The room did lack an outlet on the wall by the sink. Many youtube videos and a trip to Home Depot later, I was able to run these wires and install a GFI outlet in the wall which has limited space behind it. And while I was at it, I installed a new light switch and re-installed a outlet on the other side of the room. (To comply with GFI requirements the last owner removed all outlets near water and capped off the wires.)


Live Wires


New Outlet Addition

Other small projects along the way include patching large holes: previous TP holder was sunk into the wall. And this past weekend, upgrading the light fixture.


Perfecting the patching technique

The work is far from done. I still envision framing the new mirror, taking the ceiling to drywall, and building a towel rack similar to these plans from Ana White.  My inspiration for this room was a neutral pallet of tans and browns with a clean light blue to make it pop and seem less bland. Eventually I will also find something for the wall above the toilet.


Finally here are some before and after pictures, with the full slidedeck below. Enjoy!

1501738_10151786903155836_1291775731_n IMG_20150228_115314872_HDR






IMG_20140222_144214629 IMG_20150228_115356796_HDR