As you all my know I work in a cancer research lab. It’s my goal to find a better way to treat cancer. One of the great things about working at Hopkins, is I get the opportunity to hear from leaders in the field talk about their work. This past week was one of those opportunities. There was a book published a while back about cancer and its history called the Emperor of All Maladies and it has been on my reading list for a while. Needless to say I haven’t gotten to it yet, but it has moved up on the list.

Recently the author of the book teamed up with PBS to make the book into a series that entertwines the current research, patients, and the history of cancer. Some of the scenes were filmed at Hopkins. As such they held a preview with a panel of the director, author, and some of the researchers at Hopkins. Where my PIs were the researchers on the panel (the 2 on the left).


IMG_20150323_140854659 IMG_20150323_140529142

In summary it was a great talk and you all should go watch the series. It’s now available on the PBS website and should be on their apps for streaming on the flavor of your choice (Xbox live and chromecast for me.).