Mom came to visit to help out with the garage sale, aka clean out the basement and all the things I don’t have room for in the house. ┬áThe garage sale is an annual event hosted by the Highlandtown community association, which shuts down two blocks to traffic and is open to any of the homeowners in the area. They coordinate the permits, advertisements, and getting the AMVETS. Afterwards they coordinate a cookout for the participants. It was a great way to meet some more neighbors and to off load all of the boxes of items in the basement.

IMG_20150601_203057782After getting through the weekend, Mom and I headed out to the Eastern shore for some R&R in Bethany Beach, Delaware.
After a quick spot at the Dogfish Head Brewery for some tasty pizza. Despite the fact that there were rain storms the entire time we were out there, we still IMG_20150602_120706122managed to check out the beach, enjoy the beach house, and most importantly for me, catch up on sleep.

Back in Maryland, we manage to pick up paint for my bedroom, check out some restaurants, and hit up the Capital Jazz fest before putting Mom back on the plane. More pictures from the trip are below.