If you haven’t seen any of the news, record breaking snowfalls have hit Maryland. A nice summary of the weekend of snow would read: Hot Chocolate, naps, ¬†discovering Lego Dimensions, small house things, watching the snow on tv, a bit of snow shoveling, and venturing out for brunch today. (You should consider reading the “official” Jonas twitter¬†for a good laugh).

The house faired well for my first big snow as a home owner, much less maintenance required than I thought it would. My best measurement from the backyard puts the house around 28″ of snow. Which is quite a bit. I figured I’d share some photos from the neighborhood.


And of course the first thing I did when I went out was make a snow angel in thed alley.


The backyard is a fluffy pit of snow that is hiding my grill, trash can (under the table), and blocking use of my back door. These photos were taken before the last of the snow fell off the roof, there’s much more on the stairs now because of that.


And I must give a shout out to my snow shoveling hero. He was a huge help in allowing me to leave my car in the garage this weekend (no shoveling it out!) and helping to shovel the sidewalk!