I figure it is time for another project! A few months ago in an attempt to tame my paper stack, I broke down and grabbed a filing cabinet a neighbor was giving away (yay facebook groups!). It has been incredibly helpful but it is an eyesore in the room considering what I have in mind for my final office design. Not to mention I can’t bring myself to actually work in my office as it currently stands. Last weekend I was fed up with looking at my drab khaki 2-drawer filing cabinet. It was time for an upgrade!

IMG_20160710_075122532 - Copy

During my trip to Cuba a few years back I picked up a fabulous hand painted film poster. It has been traveling with me for a while and when I moved in, I knew it was the perfect inspiration piece for the office. Gold, orange, and red tones are going to be the focus of this space, with deeper toned wood accents. That is the vision.


The Ugly Khaki before

Back to the filing cabinet. This is a cheap older cabinet but it gets the job done and was free. I can’t really ask for anything more. I’d read a bit online to learn some tips and ticks for painting filing cabinets. It seems like something a lot of people have done. What I picked up, plus my previous spray paint experience made this job fairly simple.

  1. Disassemble cabinet: take out the drawers, take off all hardware.
  2. Painters tape and newspaper: wrap the drawer slides, key hole, and other details I didn’t want paint to get on.
  3. Check the weather: wait for a sunny, less humid day
  4. Take paint precautions: lay drop cloth on my backyard (I don’t need red outlines permanently on my cement)
  5. Prep the surface: lightly sand each pieces with a high grit sanding block and wipe with a clean dry cloth
  6. Paint!: Apply thin even coats of paint, repeating a second time once the first is fully dry
  7. Repeat the same for the hardware (although I didn’t sand them).
  8. Admire your handiwork!

The final product


My golden trashcan

My golden trashcan

Photos in this room are difficult. Fixing the lighting in here is moving up on my to do list.

I choose a burgundy for the cabinet and went with gold on the hardware. It turned out fantastic! I couldn’t be happier. I event went back inside and grabbed the trashcan that sits next to the cabinet and sprayed it gold to match the hardware.

One step down to making my office a place I actually want to work!