I’ve finally laid some flooring, just not inside the house. I’ve been outside more to water my tomato plants. In doing so I have developed a deep dislike for the outdoor rug I had outside the back door. It was nice to not stand on the cement (especially when it was hot), but the rug was always wet (maybe it wasn’t an outdoor rug…) and slowly being bleached by the sun. It wasn’t pretty.

Insert a run to Ikea, where I found a easy option to spruce up the look of the back porch, and also felt good to stand on while watering the plants. I ended up choosing the Runnen floor decking (and they were on end of the summer sale!) in brown. I love this color and may end up using a similar on for my other backyard ideas in the future.


They look even better in person! These took me all of 10 minutes to lay and snap into place. And a large part of that 10 minutes was figuring out how to move the massive planter with my tomato plants.

The final product:


It was so easy to lay, I have to decide if I’ll be taking it up for winter. But that’s for another night. For now I’ll just enjoy my new wood flooring.