I wanted to hold off on this one until I was sure that it was going to live. At this point we have green leaves. I repeat we have new green leaves!

Some backstory. I really like tree lined streets. I think they bring a life to our cement city blocks (something to decorate for the holidays), they help decrease the temperature (read: lower AC bill!), and are generally nice to look at. Long story short, I want a tree.

Trees make for great photos

Disclaimer: not my tree, but another random tree in the city

With the help of P we found that in the tree plan for our neighborhood the house was originally scheduled to have a tree pit outside our front door. Bingo. Off went an email into the ether asking the city to come dig our tree pit! We could have hired someone to dig the pit for us (or maybe done it ourselves? unclear from the city website), but I’m not in a hurry and winter was approaching. After some waiting and pinging the city to see what the deal was. Answer: there’s a waitlist for tree pits, you get added to the list and X number of tree pits get dug each year. Sit back and wait it out.

My new tree pit! Complete with the don’t trip in me cone.

To my great surprise, so much so I couldn’t be bothered to take a good picture, I came home to this December 5th. Not to waste, since we had a warmer December, a tree was delivered on the 14th. Now I assumed I would have to go get a tree to fill it in the spring. I never thought we should plant a tree in December.

The December tree

Actually the next photo in my phone is putting up Christmas decorations. It was late in the year for this tree to get planted. And to be fair it looked a lot like a big twig for the next few months as it weathered an icing later that week and some snow after the first of the year.

The tree that lived!

And I’m happy to announce my tree is alive, well, and growing! One win for using city services!