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Master Update

It’s been a while now since I originally pulled down the wood paneling in the master bedroom and we are long overdue for an update. Since then I’ve gotten the walls framed in, insulation added, and paint up on the new Sheetrock. I also choose to install a larger crown molding and a slightly larger but simple baseboard. For the paint, with Mom’s help, we matched my chosen colors to existing colors in the Sherlin Williams collection. We ended up with Artic White for the ceiling and trim and Soulmate for the accent wall color. I was sold on my original wall color so we had them paint match to the Behr Grey Mist sample I had.  Here’s a sneak peak, I’m very excited with how it is turning out.

One of the best parts of doing this room was my discovery of angled paint brushes. You’ll hear me go on about this further, but, because of these I ended up free hand painting all of my edges and I am SO much happier than every other time I’ve used painters tape. Without tape I skipped that large chunk of time spent laying the tape, making sure its absolutely straight, and completely laid down so the paint doesn’t get underneath it. Oh and I also got to skip the tape removal, which while fun, is not really fun. This may be due to my inability to lay a perfectly straight and non-slanted tape line that irks by perfectionism.  and if you leave it on too long, the paint that it can take with it when you remove it.  Not to say that I don’t appreciate tape, but these angled brushes are definitely my new and only way I’ll be painting and edging the  walls.   /end of rant about tape.

While I was at it painting the trim it only made sense to paint the windows. And then to make this a bigger project why paint the windows without removing the old cracked and missing caulk with new caulking. The more research I did into refinishing these wood windows, the bigger this project became. After some trial and error my short laundry list of refinishing the windows:

  1. Sand down the current paint IMG_20150605_162835903_HDR
  2. Fill gaps and cracks with wood filler and sand
  3. Remove old caulking and re-caulk
  4. Remove any remaining paint from the tracks to allow for new paint
  5. First coat of paint
  6. Second coat of paint
  7. Hang blinds
  8. Enjoy!

In my first round I made it to step 3 but omitted what is now step 4 and jumped into painting, successfully getting one window stuck and another currently unable to close because of too much paint in the tracks. This weekend’s project will be to fix these so they are back where they can close

Master Wall Paper Project

As I’m waiting for my contractor to frame the three walls in the master and hang Sheetrock I decided to do something with the wallpaper pieces I salvaged from the demo a few weeks back. Eventually when I put the room together and decorate I aim to not only update the house but also salvage some original details. One way I’ve dreamed up to do so is to frame some of these pieces and hang it in the room. After whittling down my salvaged pieces to the usable ones, I selected three that I felt represented the different stages of the room via paper. These I cut down to size with an razor and mounted them in the frame. Twalla. The next step is to get these walls up and painted so I can hang it.


Peeling back the layers

Updated June 23rd, 2015

Weekend project part 1: Peeling back the layers.

On a whim last week I decided it was time to tackle the master bedroom. While it’s far from being done I thought it would be nice to do a compilation of what I’ve found so far. Below are the pictures in order of top (first layer) to bottom (what I believe are the original walls of the house). Historically it’s pretty cool.

Layer 1: White faux wood


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